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"I’m a big fan of The Big Picture App
for Retirement Planning."

William P. Bengen
Financial Advisor
Devised "4% rule"

A new view of safe withdrawal rates

The Big Picture app makes it brilliantly easy to visualize risk. Build the retirement portfolio of your choice, back-test it over hundreds of investment periods, and impress clients with personalized perspectives on questions like, "Based on history, how much can I safely spend, and at what confidence level?"

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Appeal to current and future retirees alike

The Big Picture app will help you:
Attract clients through an interface that has been described as, "Fun and easy to use".
Show them the way on safe withdrawal rates, safe saving rates, asset allocation, and more.
Keep them engaged with the help of branded summary reports and follow-up conversations.

Age-old questions, big new answers

The Big Picture offers a sweeping view of market history. With the app in hand you'll be better equipped to engage clients, set expectations, and increase product awareness. In turn, you'll see greater success in attracting and retaining assets.

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"Besides illustrating very quickly the effect of assumption changes on withdrawal rates, it’s a lot of fun to use. I wish I’d had access to it in the early 1990’s, when I began my research on the so-called ‘4% rule.’"

William P. Bengen

Financial Advisor

"I can picture a time when most financial planners routinely use the Big Picture App to explore portfolio choices with their clients."

Bob Veres

Financial Advisor

"There is a lot to like about this app."

Joel Bruckenstein

Fintech expert