“Will My Money Last Me in Retirement?”

It’s the question that haunts every retiree… and that financial advisors like you are trusted to answer.

Introducing The Big Picture: A Safe Withdrawal Rate Calculator that will take you a big step closer to answering that question confidently.

Remember William Bengen’s groundbreaking “4% Rule”?

The Big Picture is the evolution of Bengen’s insights, revealing safe withdrawal rates across an array of portfolios. Tapping into data from the Center for Research in Security Prices at the University of Chicago, it traces the trajectory of nearly a thousand retirements since 1926.

Visualize the real-life ramifications of different asset allocations, withdrawal rates, and retirement durations. Test the resilience of portfolios against turbulent times, like 1970s “stagflation”, or see if they would falter even in prosperous eras like the stock market booms of the 80s and 90s.

It’s easy to navigate. Simply craft a portfolio from any of a dozen asset classes, input a few details, and the software shows how much spending that portfolio would have sustained through every market scenario we've encountered to date.

While other tools pivot on predictions, The Big Picture takes us back through time. It’s not about speculating on the future; it's about understanding the past to chart a clear course forward. And that’s what your clients truly value.

So, the next time you're asked, “Will my money last me in retirement?”, look to The Big Picture for perspective.

Sign up for free at BigPicApp.co and show your clients The Big Picture today!


The software simulates portfolios over every rolling period that has come to pass since 1926. It assumes a tax-deferred environment.

Withdrawals are constant in real terms; they are grown at the actual rate of inflation (CPI) that prevailed in each historical month over which the simulations are performed.

Technical documentation available here.